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At Loxahatchee Groves Veterinary Hospital we believe in "Animal Care From the Heart", an approach that our services reflect. While your pets are in our care, rest assured that we'll treat them as if they were our own. Feel free to stop by and meet Dr. Yanguas.



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We offer full laboratory diagnostic testing and in-house heartworm tests. We can have your result in 10 minutes.
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We are a full-service animal hospital staffed by skilled, compassionate, and caring animal lovers. Beyond our extensive nose-to-tail examinations, we offer a wide array of services including diagnostics, surgery, vaccines, treatment for eye disorders, allergy testing, skin disorders, nutrition counseling, prescription diets and more.
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Heartworm Prevention

Just a little information for you. Heartworm disease is the #1 killer of dogs in Palm Beach County. It only takes one bite form an infected mosquito. Please feel free to stop by anytime for a Heartworm test. It only take 10 minutes.
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Pet Wellness

Our doctor and staff recommend wellness examinations at least once a year for the same reason that your physician or dentist recommends them. If a health problem or issue can be detected in its early stages, there is a far greater likelihood that it can be treated with less difficulty, less expense, and a higher chance of success.
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The best way to ensure your pet's overall dental health is to establish a timetable for routine dental checkups with us. Veterinary research indicates dental disease, in its various forms, is the number one health issue in feline and canine medicine and about 70% of cats and dogs over the age of three have some kind of dental problem. Fortunately, dental disease is easily preventable with regular dental checkups and prevention. Brushing is our #1 recommendation for prevention. We are now offering complimentary dental exams. Give us a call and let Dr. Yanguas have a look at those choppers!
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We have a full pharmacy for your pets needs, including Heartworm and Flea prevention, Royal Canin Veterinary diets and Purina Veterinary diets.
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Emergeny and After Hours

** After Hours:

(561) 307-1770

Regular Hours:

(561) 600-8406

In case of Urgent help, you may contact our doctor for availability.  Call our office for Doctor Yanguas, who is currently on-call after hours and during the holidays.  

However, If we are not available, please refer to a 24 hour animal emergency.  Remember, in cases of an emergency or urgent help, be aware to phone immediately - do not text!   

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